Intelligent and practice-based engineering.
From manufacturing engineering to complex co-engineering of parts, supported by the latest 3D software.


A sharp eye for today’s craftmanship.
Occasionally conventional using authentic craftsmanship but mainly with the aid of our state-of-the-art fleet of machinery.


Together we outrun all the competiton.
Fully focused on digitalization and supply chain optimization. From cost estimation and design to production and logistics.


In September 2020 GFM was acquired by WILVO. GFM is an absolute top player in the field of CNC machining and is a key supplier to large OEMs nationally and abroad. With this addition WILVO can serve OEMs even better in respect of complete assemblies.

They specialize in specific machine parts up to ‘shoebox’ size. Machining of less than a hundredth of a millimeter is the rule rather than the exception for GFM. Like WILVO, GFM is located in Bergeijk where they operate from an ultra-modern production facility with an impressive fleet of machinery.[/read]

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solar panels

At Wilvo we accept our responsibilities when it comes to sustainability. Our Wilgenakker premises are equipped with solar panels and geothermal heating. And we have an advanced heat recovery installation (heat recovery system) at our Melkweg premises. The GFM premises are also equipped with solar panels. With a total of 2,300 solar panels, we generate at least 575 MWh per annum.

Sustainability at WILVO is based on a number of pillars. For example, we do all we can to be self-sufficient when it comes to our energy consumption. In addition, all our industrial waste is separated and processed in a sustainable manner. The refurbishment of investment goods, or products manufactured by us, is key to WILVO’s sustainability philosophy. We give products a new lease of life and get them back to the desired standard. We simply make them ‘as good as new’. This enables our clients to postpone (re)investments and reduce wastes, because the life/cycle of products is extended significantly. We also take a critical view of packaging materials: can we use returnable packaging? Or can we re-use packaging?

Together with our partners in the supply chain, we continually explore options to expand our sustainability efforts. At WILVO, we regard this theme – and the development of a circular economy- as an essential part of future-proofing our company. The bottom line is that sustainability is a dynamic process that we shape together with clients and suppliers. With WILVO Nature Wins![/read]

We installed over
2.300 solar panels on
our production facilities.

Work for WILVO .

With boundless ambition, we make no secret of the fact we want to take control over the entire supply chain. We like comparing ourselves to successful clubs that are active at Champions League level year in and year out. In our case, it does not concern scoring goals, but rather a focus on (process) optimization, a continually critical approach, and exceptional flexibility for our clients. Nevertheless, we want to know whether you can score goals with us. We are looking for team players to bolster our current ‘selection’ to make us even more successful. And when we are successful, we celebrate that together at WILVO.

WILVO has a great deal to offer you. The best training, courses and development opportunities, as well as state-of-the-art facilities for employees at our various corporate sites. We want to know: what do you have to offer us? What can you bring to the role? And … when can you start?[/read]

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