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Sheet metal & frames

Thanks to continual investment in our fleet of machinery and technical capabilities, we are always able to guarantee the quality of our products. In addition, service contracts with our partners ensure a high level of reliability, precision, and availability of our production resources.


We are active in many different sectors and market segments with a wide variety of products and projects. We know exactly which approach is required for a specific project; whether it concerns a budget quote, technical production design, or the manufacturability of a product.


A combination of sheet metal, frames, machining and standard parts. Whatever it is, WILVO will manufacture it and ensure perfect assembly and packaging.

make becomes a win for CANON

Our solutions-oriented drive is reflected in our partnership with CANON. We have been supplying a very diverse product range for over twenty years. For example, coated machine cladding, waterproof – tested – drip trays, wire frames, welding assemblies and products made from special materials (including MICA, reflective aluminum and stainless spring steel with a thickness of 0.05mm). All supplied in accordance with a KanBan system we developed together.

This is a project with a focus on make

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